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Let's Talk With Raquel Smith: Transitioning "Career Passion" to "Passion in Business"

Walker's Legacy Atlanta is excited to present Let's Talk with Celebrity Designer/Stylist Raquel Smith: Transitioning "Career Passion" to "Passion in Business".  Raquel Smith is the CEO/Founder of KidRaq Luxury Eyewear and has been styling major celebrities and public figures for over 15 years.  Her career has taken her all over the world and back!  The KidRaq brand has allowed her to embrace her passion for fashion and kids in her launch of a new luxury optical and sunglass eyewear line featuring a Mommy & Me and Daddy & Me niche and options for the young and mature. We welcome you to an opportunity to hear her journey to entrepreneurship.

This awesome discussion will be moderated by Journalist Sharon Reed, Atlanta, Georgia.  We look forward to connecting with you!

Passcode: 0BHJh6$D

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