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The KIDRAQ Story

Raquel Smith | KidRaq

our future ceo

An idea always begins with a single thought that may or may not end up as reality. I know because I've had more ideas than you can "shake a stick at." And if that isn't enough, other people seem to like giving me ideas, too. But the idea for KidRaq felt different than normal. From the beginning, it felt like it was meant to be.

As one of Beyoncé's stylists, my primary responsibility is to keep her in the hottest fashions, which means that I get to do something I not only love but have expertise in, as well. And that's shopping.

While shopping one day, I discovered a very unique pair of sunglasses I knew Beyoncé would love. So I pulled them for her, and soon found out that I was right. She absolutely loved them!

It's no secret that Blue, Beyoncé's daughter, likes being fashionable like her mom. She's like most kids in that way. So when Blue saw the sunglasses she wanted to try them on, too. Her mom carefully placed them on Blue's face, and Blue began dancing as if she had been whisked away. That's how much she loved them, too. And that's when the thought first formed: Beyonce and Blue should have matching pairs.

I contacted the designer and requested the unique style in a smaller size suitable for Blue. I'm sure you can imagine how I felt when I was told that it would take three-to-four months to design, test, and fabricate them.  That timing wasn't acceptable for several reasons. But there was nothing I could do, so the thought didn't come to fruition. But it still felt different than normal, so I started sketching to come up with some cool eyewear concepts and designs of my own.

It wasn't long before things started happening to confirm my original thought; my belief that a parent and their child should be able to have matching sunglasses.  To me, there was a pretty obvious market for it and yet it wasn't on the market. One day, for example, my 3-year-old son Caleb, who loves fashion just like his mommy, provided the confirmation that he had around me at various times and in various forms. We were getting dressed to go out on a beautiful bright sunny day. Caleb had put on something light and airy and so had I. We were all set to go out and enjoy the day together when I put on my sunglasses.

My son looked at me and asked: "Where are mine?" And to the disappointment of us both, I didn’t have any to give him. That's also when I realized there was a niche for my idea. So I started sketching, again. And this time I did more research. I brainstormed. I did whatever was needed in order to advance my knowledge of eyewear and the eyewear industry. I decided to create a brand that is cool and relatable because of the meaning behind it. That's how KidRaq was born. 

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The first part of the name, KidRaq, represents my commitment to kids.  My eyewear designs are meant to empower kids as much as the work I do on behalf of charities empowers kids.  I want kids to know that they can reach their goals. I want my son, Caleb, to see me as a role model of what it means to be independent, responsible and courageous.

The second part of the name represents my commitment to family. My father, who passed away in 2012, nicknamed me "Rock" and spelled it "Raq," which is short for Raquel, of course. He was a kind and loving man who took pride in his family and in his wherewithal to provide for us. He stuck by and encouraged me at times when I questioned myself. He was a cheerleader for life. And the second part of the name is a nod to my father and all he stood for.

Then again, I think that taken altogether the name, KidRaq, represents my journey. It speaks to who I am today as a creative entrepreneur  committed to a world that works for everyone.

My thought has made the journey to reality, 

Raquel Smith


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