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Raquel Smith, CEO of KidRaq

About Our CEO

KidRaq Luxury Eyewear, LLC

A proud and dedicated mother of one, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur who brings her true passion to life everyday - the Georgia native studied fashion and styling at New York's renowned Fashion Institute of Technology where she cultivated her innate sense of style. 


As fate would have it, Raquel, an avid student, read in Women’s Wear Daily that Beyoncé was starting a fashion company with her mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson. This ignited Raquel's entrepreneurial spirit because she knew that a start-up company would need energetic, hard-working people. Trusting her instincts and abilities, she contacted the House of Dereon, the unique mother-daughter-operated fashion company that soon would become world famous. 


Raquel was confident that she could convince them to give her an internship. Her goal was to further develop her talent in a real-world environment while also being a multi-faceted resource for the House of Dereon. But they declined, emphatically stating that they didn't need an intern. Raquel, however, was persistent, and continued to call multiple times to convey how she would be a tremendous asset to the young growing company.


Perseverance and persistence paid off, and Raquel found an ally in Heather Thomson, House of Dereon’s creative director. Impressed by Raquel’s determination and astuteness, Heather hired Raquel on a part-time basis and became her first mentor, catapulting Raquel’s stellar career in the fashion industry. 


She moved up the ladder quickly, as those around her took notice of her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. It wasn't long until Miss Tina, an iconic stylist and fashion executive, became Raquel’s personal and professional mentor and coach and promoted her to the position of Beyoncé’s Assistant Stylist working alongside Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s Principal Stylist. Thus, a now legendary team was formed, and within a few short years Raquel earned the coveted position of Stylist for Beyoncé.


As a valued member of the Style Team, Raquel was intricately involved in several of Beyoncé's world tours. She also styled Beyoncé’s red carpet appearances, video shoots, special performances, and personal wardrobe. All of this was evidence that Raquel’s determination had yielded the results she had envisioned years earlier when she made that very first call to House of Dereon.


But what Raquel had not anticipated was the powerful relationship that she developed with Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s Principal Stylist of 16 years. They're not simply "like family," as people say. Ty and Raquel ARE family, sharing a rich and unbreakable bond that most teams only aspire to. As trusted inspiration for one another, they have become known as the "dynamic duo" of the styling world, and they are architects of a unique professional and personal empowerment seminar called LET’S TALK.


The blessings have continued abundantly in Raquel's life. In recent years, she begun to grow her own personal brand, which started with returning to school pursuing studies in jewelry design. Raquel says that her bold captivating signature pieces reflect the influence that her father had on her life. The Raquel Smith Collection is well on its way to becoming one of the world's most respected and sought-after brands. 


In 2017, the Celebrity Stylist/Designer added a new twist to her creative world of design and formed KidRaq, a luxury brand specializing in children’s eyewear.  The brand includes sunglasses and optical wear.  The brand will feature cool color variations, both “mommy and me”, “daddy and me” styles, handcrafted acetate frames shaped to complement and accentuate a child’s face and limited edition selections. KidRaq is currently in its launch phase.


Now living in New York City, Raquel is working on her first fashion guide. The book will provide its audience with an authentic insight to jump starting a career in the industry, techniques that will serve as teachable moments, and the highs and lows of her personal fashion journey.  The guide’s intent is to be an inspiration to its readers.


Raquel leads a fulfilling and expansive life today that touches, moves and inspires people around the world.

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